Overview of a Vasectomy Reversal

Common Reasons Why Couples Change Their Mind

Undoing the “Snip”!

Over the past twenty-five years, no-scalpel vasectomy reversal has become a much more common procedure. Approximately 600,000 vasectomies are performed annually in the U.S.

In this overview of a vasectomy reversal Dr. Friedman shares that there are many reasons that men with vasectomies choose to undergo no-scalpel no-needle vasectomy reversals —

Some of them include the following: divorce, remarriage, unexpected loss of a child, improved economic conditions, the family’s decision to have another child, or the choice of a dual-career couple to begin a family.

Occasionally, the desire for a reversal many be due to medical conditions, such as persistent testicular pain resulting from long-term congestion following a vasectomy.

Significant advances in micro-surgical techniques, and the use of an operating microscope to increase the surgeon’s visualization, bring greater success and predictability in no-scalpel no-needle vasectomy reversal.

Success Stories



“My husband, was a patient of Dr. Friedman’s this past Spring. He had his vasectomy reversed after 12.5 years. I just wanted to let you know that we have succeeded in getting pregnant! The baby is due February 21, 2008. Thank you so much!” Amy


quoteWe would just like to thank you for a successful reversal! The expected date will be April 30 with our calculations. This is something that we have been planning for years and you have made it possible. Thank you again. Tom & Carolyn

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